Let’s face it, trying to be like a skater is what all the cool kids are doing these days. The whole “look” that comes along with it is quite in right now. We all know that the skater boys make girls’ hearts beat fast in the summertime, but girls with this style are getting some attention too. I personally admire a Fashionista who can pull off looking like a pro skater in a girly way. If you don’t exactly know what I mean, this Fashionista is a prime example.

This Fashionista caught my eye on a summer afternoon in her very vibrant and bright colors. Her skater skirt is obviously the essential to her look. As its name suggests, the skater skirt is necessary for dressing like a skater girl. Skater skirts are super cute, perfect for summer and as this Fashionista demonstrates, the perfect match for a crop top. I admire how this Fashionista wore her light blue crop top as it is sleeveless and lightweight, which is nice for summer temperatures. She also wore a bright orange bandeau underneath to brighten up her outfit. A skater girl must also never forget to wear sneakers with her skirt. The Fashionista chose some red sneakers for her outfit. A pair of Keds would make a great choice and look similar to these. Two small details I really enjoy about this particular Fashionista’s look are her topknot bun and detailed sunglasses. They both really help to tie the whole outfit together.

The skater skirt is one of my favorite pieces this summer. There are so many to choose from. The options range from ones with suspenders such as this NASTY GAL one to ones in plaid like this one from Tilly’s. With options like these available, you will want to get one for yourself. Your mother may have told you not to always do what the in-crowd is doing but when it comes to dressing this cool, you won’t want to miss out.

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