Midriff is a term used to describe the section of the body between the chest and the hips. In the fashion world it is the new sexy way to show off a little extra skin. For people who aren’t comfortable with showing their stomach (me!), the midriff is a flattering way to show skin without exposing too much. Crop tops paired with high-waisted skirts or short is a major trend we are seeing this summer and is the perfect way to show off your midriff. The combination is a flirty and fun way to express your sense of style.

The Fashionista above is sporting an awesome high-waisted skirt and crop top look. This skirt has a skater feel to it, which I am loving for the summer. When deciding what type of crop top to choose (loose or tight) go for the opposite to the type of skirt you’re wearing. For example, since this Fashionista is wearing a loose skirt she paired it with a tight top. This is a good way to balance the outfit and make your body look the most flattering. She then pairs her outfit with a cute pair of wedges and some great bling. I love how she chose edgy bracelets to go against her girly ensemble.

This trend can be seen on a number of celebrities. It has also made it’s way down numerous runways including rag & bone, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Derek Lam and Marc Jacobs.

This full skater skirt from Akira is a great choice that you could wear now and into the winter with tights. I especially love the pleather detailing. And this beaded crop top from Topshop adds an edgy touch to the skirt. You could also pair your crop top with a maxi skirt like this look from SABO SKIRT. The options are endless. Now you know all the tricks to the perfect crop top ensemble.

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