It is safe to say that if it weren’t for my mom, I would not be the Fashionista I am today. Now, over the years I didn’t always take her style advice when I should have, but there is one tip that she has given me since day one that I think is important for every Fashionista to remember: a simple look, created with classic pieces and cuts is always fashionable.

Her prime example for this piece of advice used to be Jennifer Aniston. While she isn’t typically the number one famous Fashionista on everyone’s list, her classic everyday looks that consist of jeans and T-shirts always prove to be simple, chic and cool. I usually refer to this fashion tip when I have tried on everything in my closet and can’t come up with a decent outfit. At this point I can always tell I am trying too hard, which we can often do as Fashionista’s trying to create the perfect look.

When this Fashionista caught my eye, I instantly thought of my mom’s advice. Her outfit was so simple, consisting of a basic T-shirt, scarf and classic denim shorts that she had spruced up herself with a fun pattern on the back pockets. Just the fact that this Fashionista’s classic outfit still caught my eye, proves my mother’s advice to be true. As Fashionista’s, we can often get carried away with all the latest trends that we often neglect the trends that have managed to never go out of style.

This Fashionista’s look is not only great because it was simple and classic, but because she took the basic look and added her own little touches to make it her own. By adding her combat boots to the jeans and T-shirt look and adding a bit of personalization to the back pockets of her shorts, she was able to take this outfit and make it her own. The best part about a classic ensemble is that you are able to accessorize to showcase your personal style in ways that trendy looks never could.

So next time you are feeling frustrated with your outfit choices, try to start simple with pieces like jeans and basic T-shirts. When you start with the basics and add your favorite accessories, you are bound to achieve a look that is simply cool and simply you!

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