Summer is all about legs. Although shorts will always be the garment of choice in 90-degree weather, summer is the perfect excuse to show off the stems we tried so hard to work on during the months of hibernation. There is nothing better than pulling out your summer clothes after a seemingly never-ending and forever-frosty Chicago winter. But even though I’m ready to warm my skin in the foreign sunshine, there is still a problem. Last summer’s styles are just not going to fly for the whole season. Fashionistas/os have always got to be ready to modify their style, but with a need to stay cool our options are limited. As the summer goes from mild to blazing, no matter what you wear is liable to induce a heat stroke. Daisy Dukes are familiar, almost too familiar, and don’t provide comfort under the sweltering sun. For a hot day and a chance to step outside of the norm, as expected of a Fashionista/o, my advice is to opt for the skirt.

Denim lovers everywhere will give you a list of issues you can’t get around. After the 100th time of pulling the legs of your shorts down after standing up, we all are fully regretting our choice of pant for the day. With a skirt, there is no adjusting. You’ll catch any breeze that slips through the heat and look flirty and girly. Experiment with colors and patterns if you’re bold!

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit is the shoes. While the colors of the rest of the outfit are relatively neutral, the pop of Tiffany blue is great. In my opinion, every outfit needs a statement piece and what better way to make a statement than with one of the most important parts of your outfit?

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