My love for fashion hit me at a young age. I have clear memories of picking out my clothes for the day (it usually involved a certain dress with Princess Jasmine on it) and insisting on having my hair done up. From my glittery jelly sandals to the hot pink scrunchies in my hair, I was the quintessential ’90s child. One piece that I could not live without was my skort. The hybrid between shorts and a skirt, the skort was the perfect multipurpose garment for a little girl who wanted to look feminine but get on the monkey bars and play with the boys.

Once the jelly sandal came back in style, it was only a matter of time before this jungle gym favorite followed suit. Seen on style icons like Olivia Palermo and Karolina Kurkova, the skort proves its use goes far beyond the playground to the concrete jungle.

This Fashionista, spotted on the streets of Barcelona, looks chic and comfortable on her day sightseeing. Her bright red skort pairs perfectly with a long sleeve mesh T-shirt, leather cross-body bag and simple T-strap sandals. The look is definitely edgy but exudes a classic charm from the clean lines of the asymmetrical skort. Rather than blending in with the hundreds of other tourists in white T-shirts and shorts, her skirt flaunts her femininity yet maintains functionality in a predominantly walking city.

For a more subtle take on this Fashionista’s eye-catching ensemble, try the same skort in a neutral white. Pair it with a graphic pullover¬†and classic black booties for a trendy and sporty look. It matches perfectly with the playful nature of a skort.

With the return of this old school favorite, we are reminded to never take fashion too seriously. Functional can still equate to fashionable and it is okay to have fun in our clothes. While we don’t have to face the monkey bars anymore, a skort may still be the perfect option.

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