The wedged heel has been making our shoes infinitely more comfortable since it first came on the scene. We have wedge sandals, boots and platforms. Sure, at first we probably thought they were a little odd looking, but, now, these shoes are a staple in every Fashionista’s wardrobe. Design houses like Isabel Marant took the wedge to the next level by creating the wedge sneaker. This new trend for the wedge is definitely for the risk taker. It’s one of those “love it or hate it” trends. Either way, you have to admit that the wedge sneaker is making it’s way into many a Fashionista’s closet. Style icons everywhere from Sarah Jessica Parker to Beyoncé have been adopting this quirky look. This Fashionista rocked bold shoes that displayed her unique sense of style. Her entire look seems to break the so-called rules of fashion; however, I think in fashion the rules are meant to be broken so that you can find your own style.

“Don’t pair denim with denim.” I feel like those word have been ingrained in my mind; however, this Fashionista breaks the rule entirely. Recently, denim on denim has become a major trend. I think what makes this Fashionista’s look so wearable is that her denim jacket has grey sleeves. This way, the look is not overpowered by denim. Her ripped jeans add a further edge to the look. The sneakers tie the entire look together. Her heavily embellished Balenciaga bag adds another dose of toughness to the entire look. This Fashionista’s look truly embodies tough street style.

I love how this Fashionista blended two very prominent trends without looking overdone. To achieve a similar look, you could start with these Reebok sneakers. Add ripped jeans and a unique denim jacket like this one from Charlotte Russe. You could also do a more bohemian look with a nude wedge sneaker. Add a maxi skirt and a cool sweater. The shoes pull both looks together and give them some kick.

I’ll admit that I am not crazy about the wedge sneaker, but, I definitely believe that it is a trend that some people truly love. It appeals to Fashionista’s who prefer an edgier street style look. Love it or hate it, the wedge sneaker is definitely leaving it’s mark on the fashion world.

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