Grunge appears to be a returning trend. It can be found more and more on the streets these days and is not only worn by the punk music fans. Influenced by alternative rock, grunge has an edgy reputation. But with the growing popularity of music festivals and dressing like a hipster, grunge has been broadened in many ways. When I think grunge, I typically think lots of layers and plaid fabrics. That was until I saw this Fashionista. This Fashionista brings grunge to summer in a whole new way. She gives it a new meaning and a soft spin.

The key piece of this Fashionista’s grunge-inspired outfit is definitely her pair of black ripped jeans. Her gray top serves as the perfect companion to them as it drapes over her black tank. You can get a top similar to this Fashionista’s such from Ella Moss. This striped tank is light and perfect for summer yet can still help you achieve a nice layered look. The Fashionista keeps her dark color scheme going with black Vans as her shoe choice. Her aviator sunglasses and straw hat are what gives the outfit that soft summery touch. The hat is definitely my favorite piece of the outfit and was what struck me the most when I first saw her. It gives the whole ensemble a touch of originality and that soft summer feel.

There are many ways to create a grunge look perfect for summer. Some black combat boots would be a great start. And don’t forget the black cut-off shorts to go with them for the hot temperatures. You can even go for the traditional grunge look with a plaid flannel. As you can see, the realm of grunge has really grown and expanded. You too can try it out this summer!

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