STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sophisticated Shopper

With heat advisories and temperatures rising as high as 100 degrees, the heat wave hit New York hard this past week. After the weatherman advised people to limit outdoor activity, the mall became the ultimate escape from the scorching heat. However, I caught this Fashionista shopping at the outdoor promenade section of the mall, against the weatherman’s wishes. Part of the reason she was able to withstand the blazing sun was due to her fashionable, yet practical outfit.

Her fedora allowed her to shop in the shade, making it the ultimate summer accessory. Many people would opt to wearing as little clothing as possible during the heat wave, especially during this season’s cropped top and cut-out craze. However, this Fashionista went for a more clothed look and kept her outfit as classy as possible.

Crochet shorts are ideal for a hot summer day because of the holes in the fabric, lightweight material and loose fit. Wearing tight denim shorts would be a poor choice during a heatwave because it tends to stick to your skin. Mixing the classic button-down with the more modern crochet shorts provided a sophisticated balance to her ensemble.

There are certain garments that can be pulled off regardless what season or era it is. Button-down shirts fall into this timeless category. When it’s chilly, a button-down can be topped off with a cardigan, or when it is warm a button-down looks great with the sleeves rolled up, as this Fashionista did. If you’re looking to splurge on one item, make it a nice button-down because you will get countless looks out of it.

You could throw on a bathing suit underneath this outfit and it would make an apt cover-up for a day at the beach. On a cooler day, to add a pop of color to the outfit, you could add a colored blazer or vest. The button-down shirt, fedora and crochet shorts could create limitless variations from this Fashionista’s outfit by using these three essential pieces.

During a heatwave, people tend to say “its too hot for that.” The heat may slow you down, but is never an excuse to put a pause on style.

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