You’ve probably noticed that a lot of people are wearing striped pants. It started off as printed pants in general, because of the fall 2012 trend of matching pants and jackets, but come spring 2013, it narrowed itself to stripes. I’m guessing for two major reasons: one, celebrities started wearing them, including Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham, Miley Cyrus; and two (and most importantly) vertical stripes make you look thinner. You can’t really compete with that.

I like this Fashionista’s pants because they’re not your typical black and white version. What I also like is that she wasn’t afraid to add more color to her look. By accessorizing with a green purse and blue shoes, she added personality to her outfit. It didn’t look like she simply copied it out of a fashion magazine. Needless to say, she knew what she was doing. Which is why I wasn’t surprised when her friend told me she was a designer. In case you were wondering, she’s from Uruguay and works for Felipa Novias, an accessories brand that specializes in bridal pieces.

I guess there is one simple rule you should keep in mind when wearing striped pants. It’s a little tricky to wear a colorful shirt with them. Let’s say you wear a purple neon T-shirt, I would suggest adding colorful makeup and accessories. That way, like in this Fashionista’s outfit, the pants are no longer your focal point.

Want to purchase striped pants of your own? Try these options: the traditional black and white version, these cool blue ones or this personalized one. Take your pick.

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Manuela Almeida

I am a neutral and minimalist dresser at heart, but I am starting to branch out and wear more risky style outfits, something that CollegeFashionista has inspired me to do. * Two years and eight months is how long I have been a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. During this time I have written directly from Brazil, from the campus of Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) in Rio de Janeiro and now from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in São Paulo. Two years and one month is the time span I have been a fashion reporter for Joyce Pascowitch in São Paulo—a job that I only snagged because I learned I loved fashion through working with CollegeFashionista. Three years and a six months is the total time I have been a college student. Now I face the final step in earning a bachelor’s degree in Journalism—my thesis. This means that in six months I will be an alum and no longer a Style Guru. Wow.

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