STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Striped Simplicity

Stripes are hands down one of the most versatile styles that exist in the fashion world today. While some stripes can make an outfit feel nautical or patriotic, others can give off a girly, feminine appeal— it’s all in how you wear it. I know that for the Fourth of July I definitely reached for red and white stripes (as I’m sure many of you did), however, I also find myself reaching for them for both a fancy event and just an average day. No matter what the occasion, it’s hard to go wrong with stripes.

I spotted this week’s Fashionista on the sidewalk looking simple and chic in her blue and white striped dress paired with brown Michael Kors loafers and simple accessories. I love that with this outfit she decided to let the stripes be the focus by not adorning herself with an excessive amount of accessories— it’s really true, sometimes less is more. Horizontal lines represent calm and serenity and I really feel that is the vibe that this Fashionista’s outfit gives off.

This summer I am loving striped everything, but particularly striped shorts! These high-waisted ones from American Apparel are perfect for the summertime. There are also tons of fun striped tops you can get your hands on from stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21! Whether you love stripes and you can’t get enough, or you’re skeptical and you need to start small, I urge you to test out this summer style because it’s one that will be around for a long time. So be creative with it! How will you rock your stripes this summer?


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