STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Style Comes in Salmon

Hey there boys! With summer well underway, there are more and more daytime events you are attending. And for these types of occasions it is always refreshing when a guy tries something new and exciting. This Fashionisto gets it just right! It is always advised to dress in a way that makes you noticed, but not in an obnoxious way. These Polo Ralph Lauren salmon colored shorts are perfect to make certain all eyes are on you. They give off just the right amount of pop to be easy on the eyes and make your choice of top simple.

The next part of the outfit creates a perfect look for the boys of summer is the rolled up long-sleeved, Abercrombie and Fitch plaid shirt. It adds a dash of class to the outfit so it looks more complete. The trick that makes this shirt work so well is the rolled up sleeves. It makes itĀ appropriateĀ to wear a shirt that is a little heavier, during the summertime. It also takes the casualness of the outfit to the next level, making it easy for a guy to fit in no matter what setting he is in.

The accessories the Fashionisto adds that tie it all together is the Guess watch and the Vans. Both take the outfit different directions but in a way that doesn’t make the style choices clash. Along with the shirt, the watch can make the look classic, whereas the shoes keep it cool and casual, perfect for a summer BBQ or party night.

The outfit mimics the look of the more preppy East Coast style but still has the laid back attitude of Californians. These days it is really fun to take style ideas from different environments and mixing them together. It allows us fashion fans to create looks that are new and original. So grab a pair of colored shorts and combine several different looks to make it all yours.

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