Several of my favorite summer memories include those infinitely long days in the pool, walking through water parks in jelly sandals and chasing down the ice cream truck on my bike, feeling that thrill as I stood on the pedals and let the wind take me. Of course, those summer memories weren’t complete without those summery outfits consisting of bedazzled everything and the iconic ’90s sunflower print. I have yet to find a person who didn’t have something sunflower printed. Whatever made it so popular is back and is finding a refreshing way to sneak into our daily lives, proving it never really went out of style. It’s more in style than ever.

This Fashionista shows her appreciation for sunflowers in the form of leggings. With scorching temperatures and a constant battle of rain and humidity, it’s safe to say that these leggings are perfect for your commutes between class and the outside world. Between the uncertainty of weather here and the inside of lecture halls, these allow you to be comfortable in any condition. To top off her ’90s look, she played with an element of denim-on-denim through a cropped button-down shirt and an oversized denim jacket. The overall contrast in fit (tight vs. loose) and length (cropped vs. oversized) makes this a playful outfit with dimension. She finished her ensemble with a high ponytail in a matching scrunchie (what could be more perfect?), vintage sunglasses and red pleated loafers.

This week, I challenge you to dig deep in your closet for something sunflower printed and take it to the next level. Brands like American Apparel are reminiscing on sunflower memories through not only leggings but shorts, dresses, baseball caps, overalls and even tennis shoes! Mix your print with a few contrasting fabrics like denim, leather or velvet for an interesting outfit. Don’t forget your vintage accessories. Scrunchies, mood rings, geometric earrings—it’s the details in this look that really pull it together and have me wishing it was the summer of ’98 again.

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