Summer is winding down but the summer spirit is still in the air. Fashionistas everywhere are taking this last month to soak in the sun through summer dresses, crop tops and light fabrics. There are those pieces that we wear once and other times, several times a week (high-waisted denim shorts, I’m referring to you). Somewhere between that spectrum is the clothing that we wear only once but in reality, have so many more uses than we give credit for—example: swimwear.

As a Florida girl, I know the importance of having several bathing suits on hand at once. Trips to the beach are as accessible as longer trips to class but are definitely worth it. With temperatures begging me to go to the beach, I feel like I should be wearing swimwear all the time. This Fashionista felt the same and wasn’t afraid to get inspired. She based her outfit off a plunging one-piece bathing suit in black and silver, complementing it with a pair of royal blue disco pants. The fact that they’re high-waisted make her bodysuit modestly revealing, showing only her back and sides. She finished her outfit with patent dance shoes, a couple of fun bracelets, a cross-body bag and of course, a pair of aviators. Overall, her outfit gives off a liquid metal feel with reflective and shiny pieces that capture the sun’s light and give a very sleek and cohesive appearance.

This summer brought out the best of cut-out bathing suits. Give her look a try by finding a one-piece with an interesting cut. Backless bathing suits are great because they’re a completely surprising feature! There are also a variety of side-cut and geometric one-pieces that would work great as a bodysuit with a pair of pants like hers. For that same sleek look in hot weather, try disco shorts or a pair of cut-off jeans and finish with reflective pieces; metallic and minimalist is the thought that should pop up. You’ll find that slipping in a few swimwear pieces into your everyday life isn’t as hard as you’d imagine. The curious cuts and fabrics of bathing suits will inspire you to slip more of them into your daily life, extending that summer feel all year long.

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