In an ideal world, I would be typing this post from the beaches of Mexico, sipping a frozen, fruity drink and listening to the waves roll in. Unfortunately, I am not living in that world and I will be spending my summer in Athens, Georgia (a great place, but it’s severely lacking a beach). This Fashionista, however, didn’t let location prevent her from wearing a festive ensemble and looking beach-ready.

Aztec prints have been having their moment for a while now, but the trend is still going strong. With strong geometric shapes, bold black outlines and usually a plethora of vibrant colors, this print works as a great statement piece. This Fashionista opted for a Aztec print bedecked maxi skirt. The simple cut of the skirt emitted a relaxed vibe and kept the pattern from overwhelming the outfit.

Generally, with a pattern this busy, most Fashionistas tend to keep other outfit components simple. This daring Fashionista, however, added another dose of print with an equally colorful Aztec printed tote. With similar color schemes, the skirt and bag complement one another and make an even greater visual impact. For a smaller dose of this trend, try a pair of simple pair of shorts with a subdued Aztec print or denim cutoffs with Aztec patchwork.

Balancing the multitude of prints, she chose a simple, white tank top, which lets the printed maxi and bold tote take center stage. With such vivid colors and unique shapes, it is best to pair Aztec prints with basic, neutral pieces like a loose-fitting white T-shirt for a bright, beachy look a la this Fashionista. Or choose a black top to accentuate the black lines of the skirt and slightly tone down the print. I stress the word slightly because this print will not be tamed so easily (no Miley Cyrus pun intended here). Her jewelry, likewise, is effortless with just a light silver touch on the wrist and neck.

If you’re lucky enough to celebrate the summer on a tropical beach, make sure to pack Aztec prints for an easy and fun seaside look. If travel plans look bleak and you’re remaining landlocked, bring the beaches of Mexico to you with a fabulous printed maxi (and the frozen drink of your choice).

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