STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Best Overall Trend

Believe it or not, but overalls are officially back in style. This is a trend that people absolutely love or  hate. I definitely love this trend though and can’t wait to get myself a pair overalls. I spotted this Fashionista in her overalls on a hot summer day in L.A. Her outfit is my ideal weekend style.

She did a great job keeping her overalls trendy by wearing a white crop top underneath, which is also good for humid summer weather. I also love her brown booties, which are very on-trend this year. To give her outfit a soft, feminine look, she added a pair of blue and white ruffled socks. The jewelry was my favorite aspect of her outfit. I truly think it gave her look some personality and made it all come together without looking too overdone. She mixed and matched different colored jewelry and made her blue watch a statement piece.

Denim overalls look great with brown booties like today’s Fashionista has done, but they would also look good with a pair of ankle-strap sandals. I love the way that this Fashionista wore her crop top. If you have a bold style, I would recommend wearing your overalls with a striped or floral crop top to give your outfit some more character. If you want a more relaxed look, just put on a plain white top, slide on a watch and you’re done. If you want to go all out with this outfit, I would add a kerchief headband and a couple of layered necklaces. Whether you want to go for the more relaxed look or a bolder look, they both are great outfits for the summertime. This type of look is perfect for outdoor concerts, class, or to run last minute errands in.

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