Leopards generally don’t have spots, but I had to make sure the play on words worked… at least somewhat. This week’s STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK isn’t just about color or pattern, though. As you can see, this week’s Fashionista is all about bright colors and eye-catching patterns. You may already know: I love spotting Fashionistas and Fashionistos who wear an article of clothing with a bright accent color. I myself love to sport neutral tones with the exception of a single vivid element that draws the eye in.

This Fashionista takes it one step further and draws the eye in multiple times over. With each week, I like to offer a new way to stand out based on the outfits of Fashionistas that catch my attention. And usually, that new way involves one particular element. This week’s Fashionista brings all of those elements together wonderfully, proving that there is no need to stop at just one pop of pizzazz.

I like to mention the graphic tee as a way to make a plainer outfit involving a solid shirt more particular and polished (or the opposite of polished, if that’s your style). Here, our Fashionista starts the base of her outfit—the most neutral element—with a flowy sleeveless graphic T-shirt. While this element works in more grayscale-based outfits as the eye-catching piece, here it works more to break up the brightness in the rest of her outfit.

This brings me to her pants. Like I mentioned before, her pant(-ers) are electric blue. But not only that; they also have a leopard print! Colored patterns are pretty prevalent, but generally people are only so daring to wear them on top rather than on the bottom. This Fashionista draws the most attention with what usually would be a simple blue jean or pair of shorts. Even colored or patterned shorts and skirts pale in comparison! Her chinos are long, but still airy and perfectly cuffed at the ankle for the summer weather. And of course, they are totally awesome.

Our Fashionista complements her outfit with excellent eye-catching accessories, including her bright red Converse All-Stars. In addition, her backwards hat and Prada glasses in such proximity encompass her obvious love of both street style and refined fashion finesse. Finally, this Fashionista shows off her edgy personality even more with her built-in accessory: patterned and bright gauges.

If you feel like kicking your brightness up a notch, take at least one style inspiration from this Fashionista: patterned pants. This piece covers the most surface area of your body and so of course it will draw the most attention. Colorful patterned pants, though more unconventional—and thus more exciting—can be found in all types, including stretchy denim. Once you start with a single bold move, I have no doubt that you will want more. As you can see from this Fashionista, there’s nothing wrong with that. Have fun being a leopard, zebra, and pant-er!

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