I always go into summer with a minimalist mindset when it comes to my every day style. Something comfy and basic, but I always like to dress it up with dainty accessories. This Fashionista caught my eye because her simple beachy style reminded me of the Brandy Melville girls I constantly see on their Instagram feed (@brandymelvilleusa).

Brandy Melville is one of my favorite minimalist places to shop—if you need some cute basics made out of super soft material this shop is for you! They have cute maxi and mini skirts in solid colors as well as fun prints, so no matter what mood you’re feeling, there will be a skirt for you. Many of the clothing is one size fits all on the website; however, if you ever get the pleasure of stopping by a store they’ll have more items and variety. I really appreciate Brandy Melville for the classic SoCal skater girl style that provides girls with a great line of basics with a flirty edge.

A rose gold watch has been an every day essential for me in 2013, and I think rose gold is a great color to wear on your skin in the summertime when your skin has a nice glow! This Fashionista snatched this deal at Nordstrom. A watch is a great statement piece in the summertime when dangly jewelry isn’t desirable for all the fun-filled summer activities.

I love how this Fashionista paired a navy tank with white distressed shorts to give a beachy and nautical vibe to her outfit. I always thought pairing navy and white together gave off a nautical vibe because they’re typical colors of a sailor outfit, and it’s a great color scheme for summer. The sweet little knot on the side of her tank gives an oversized top a more fitted silhouette that is more flattering in the summertime.

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