You know it, you love it, you rely on it: The little black dress. It’s every Fashionista’s staple; you can dress it up for a date or dress it down for every day. The LBD always looks classy and is never out of style. Sadly, there is one occasion where you can’t wear it… when the sun is beating down and the temperature hits 80+. So without giving up any love for our go-to, let me introduce you to the magic that is the little white dress.

Like the LBD, the LWD can be dressed up or down. It will keep you stylish and classy, but with the added benefit of keeping you cool. It also makes your summer tan pop. Take it a step further to heighten your sun-kissed glow with gold-toned accessories, like this Fashionista. Her thick gold chain pairs nicely with the lacy LWD while bringing out her skin’s gold tones. Since summer means showing a bit more leg, help your stems go the extra mile with leg-lengthening nude shoes, like hers.

This version of the LWD is soft, pretty, and classy to the max. However, if the LWD is summer’s answer to the LBD, there are many other ways to style it! Cinch a loose T-shirt LWD with a brightly colored skinny belt for a casual look (or a beach cover up). Want to take your little white dress out for the night? Try a more fitted version like this and pair it with this summer’s hottest shoe, a lace-up heeled sandal. If you are looking for the do-everything little white dress, snag something short but loose with a bit of tailoring to show off your shape, like this dress. As for accessories, experiment! The LWD can be styled in as many ways as the LBD! The only downside to the LWD? As perfect as it is for summer, don’t wear it to any summer weddings… you might upstage the bride!

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