Remember those days at day camp when everyone would tie knots in the back of their shirts so they weren’t down to the ground (or at least the short people like me)? Well instead of the knots being in the back, designers have started putting them in the front. I know, an odd concept to hear, but this has been a hot trend for a while now actually.

If I’m being more specific though, the trend actually started last year when celebrities were tying the ends of their T-shirts and tanks to show off some skin. Now you can go out and just buy a shirt already with a knot in it. One thing I love about this trend is that if you don’t want to spend the money you can always just tie a knot in a button-down or T-shirt you already own! It’s also a great way to add detail to a plain white top, like this Fashionista above.

I love, love, love this Fashionista’s summer outfit! It looks super comfortable yet still polished and put together. The quarter-length sleeves on this Fashionista’s top is a great way to balance her outfit so she’s not showing too much skin with the tie knot. Her flirty and flowy shorts are also a great pick and complement the top well. By the way, I am so obsessed with these shorts that yes I did indeed purchase them after taking this photograph (ugh, shopaholic problems). So next time you’re thinking about throwing away that old, boring T-shirt just tie a knot!

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