As much as fashion is an expression and performance of identity, fashion changes. Styles come in and out of fashion, but sometimes there are things that do not. This Fashionisto was spotted showing off the most permanent of statements: his tattoos.

Dressed in black and burgundy, this Fashionisto looked perfectly edgy for the spring. He sported a pair of fitted, vintage black Levi Brand Jeans. The untrimmed hem right above his knee fell in the perfect place, and the running threads left his outfit looking raw and edgy.

On top, he wore a burgundy knit sweater over a T-shirt of the same color. The light sweater was great for adding a light layer in the spring, and the knit material allowed the breeze to blow through.

Finally, this Fashionisto wore a pair of cherry red Dr. Martens. The smooth, leathery boots were the perfect shade to match his burgundy sweater, and their dark red color was a great moody choice for an edgy springtime look.

Any part of a Fashionisto or Fashionista’s outfit that shows off his or her individuality is usually my favorite, so it is no surprise that (although not part of his outfit) I loved this Fashionisto’s tattoos. The beautifully intricate black and white tattoos on the back of his calves were surrounded with bright and colorful red and green roses, and the incredible and personal artwork certainly completed this Fashionisto’s look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never be afraid to be yourself, and show off your individuality through your style.”

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