Summer interns, like myself, have a lot going on during the daytime. Between running errands for the boss and submitting projects on time, it’s hard to find time for yourself. There is no time after a hectic day to get ready for a night out, but this doesn’t mean we should sacrifice our style. By simply wearing transition pieces that work well for the day and night, even a picky Fashionista can get ready for the evening without a total wardrobe overhaul.

While roaming the streets of New York, I ran into this Fashionista. I spotted her in a black and white maxi dress. Her emsemble stood out for its day to night versatility, while still managing to take the weather into account. She wore simple flip flops and a jean jacket to easily transition this look for a summer afternoon to casual dinner. This Fashionista tied up the side of her dress to add a personal touch of her individual style to the look.

Looking for some inspiration for an office look that can keep you looking trendy into the evening? Sleeveless dresses, like this rag & bone frock, are appropriate and fashionable when paired with a simple blazer. It is important to keep the length of dresses in mind when picking out styles for work. A general rule for office attire is around or below the knee. Getting caught in a mini skirt in a professional setting is a definite no-no.

Another favorite transitional piece for the season is harem pants. Comfortable and stretchy, these pants are a great addition to the wardrobe. If you’re worried about the loud prints in the workplace, try a solid pair with a white blouse and flats. To move this look into the evening, I suggest packing a pair of stilettos in your bag. And if that’s too much of a hassle, all you really need to spice it up is a statement accessory. Keep your briefcase at the office and look festive with this clutch.

It happens to all of us. After a long day at work, we look forward to enjoying the great weather with friends and family. Whether you plan on meeting your girlfriends to gossip, family for dinner or even a hot date, don’t start your morning stressing about changing your outfit. There are infinte ways to look great with no additional wardrobe changes.

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