Running into a Fashionista that combines her own personal style with hot trends is always my favorite thing. I have seen this Fashionista around campus and she has always dressed to the beat of her own drum. It seems that often times students stray away from multiple trend outfits, but this Fashionista has always combined her, as she called it, hippie chic style, with big trends. In this particular case, she chose a flowy gathered skirt with peplum.

This Fashionista chose to take a more fall tweed peplum and give it a summery twist. Adding to her tweed top, this Fashionista wore a gold satin skirt that she claimed was perfect for moving around in the summer heat. She also added a light cardigan to add even more color to this look. To finish her look, this Fashionista accessorized with pieces of jewelry she had collected from around the country.

If you take anything from this post let it be that there is nothing that catches my eye more than a Fashionista taking other seasons’ trends and pulling together a look. This Fashionista proves that tweed is not just for fall. She takes her tweed peplum and adds different textiles and tons of color.

To get this Fashionista’s look, try this peach peplum top from MatchesFashion. For a gold skirt like this Fashionista’s, try this Vero Moda maxi skirt from ASOS. If you like this Fashionista’s statement necklace, try this one from Topshop. Remember to never be afraid of past trends and making them your own. A true Fashionista/o makes her or his own trends.

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