STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unconventionally Uniformed

As a proud public schooler in my youth, my exposure to the exclusive private school world was principally limited to my Monday night acquaintance with the cast of Gossip Girl. The elite group of sophisticated females inspired viewers with their fresh take on the mundane school uniform. Imaginative layering paired with daring pattern fusions, all with a headband bow on top, reinvented the day-to-day school uniform. This week’s Fashionista embodies the revamped schoolgirl vibe with her free-spirited twists on the classic academic look.

A key component to mastering the school day uniform is individualizing the light layers. This concept may present itself through embellishing your standard issued sweater vest or rethinking the use of the plaid necktie. The Fashionista this week finds inspiration in this redesigned schoolgirl notion through her own take on layering and accessorizing. The featured university student initially caught my eye with her retro inspired blouse in a navy paisley print. The breezy button-down is effortlessly coupled with her flowing black dress in a mid-calf length. She continues the layered ideology with her unique accessory choices. Turquoise hued necklaces of multiple lengths complement her liberal take on the unconventional uniform look. To complete the ensemble, this Fashionista fittingly sports mismatched leathers through black ankle boots with a chestnut cross-body satchel.

The nonconformist principles behind commanding the remodelled schoolgirl style are inherent in this student’s deviation from the traditional. To mimic her inventiveness for a weekend with the girls, diverge from the standard, pleated plaid skirt for one in chic black leather instead. Juxtapose the hard-edged choice with a femininely printed blouse for a comprehensive look. And, like any good schoolgirl, don’t forget to finalize the ensemble with your favourite pair of ballet flats. The best part about this week’s look is that any student can conquer it with conviction through her own individualization of the textbook model.

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