There is something special about wearing vintage clothes. They tell a story that makes your outfit so much more interesting. When I ran into this Fashionista, everyone else on campus was trotting around in their brand new Easter dresses and bow ties. And while spanking new outfits are undoubtedly ALWAYS fun, pre-loved clothing is equally exhilarating. This Fashionista explained that her look was inspired by her small bag, which her dad had uncovered while cleaning out the basement.

That’s the thing about spring, it always involves cleaning out your closet, weeding through the things you will never wear again and jumping for joy when you find an old treasure you forgot you had. On Easter Sunday, this Fashionista got dolled up in a vintage inspired polka-dot dress for an afternoon of studying with friends. The warm weather allowed her to go tight-less however she added a pair of stripes socks and leather loafers that went along perfectly with the studious activities of her day. Finishing off her look with a menswear-inspired vest to juxtapose the feminine strand of pearls around her neck, this Fashionista was left with a look that had passers-by like me dreaming of the good ole days.

But we cant forget that purse. The one true vintage piece that had this Fashionista beaming when I pointed it out. “My dad gave it to me!” she said, with a joy that made it seem as though her father had gifted her a family heirloom! But I understand her love for the piece, its box-like shape, aztec pattern and small signs of wear and tear make this item a true vintage treasure that leave us wondering where it has been over the years. It is old revival pieces like these that makes an outfit and leaves us craving everything and anything vintage.

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