When you’re looking for a quick style fix, how many of you reach for the black pieces in your wardrobe? They’re easy to style, look great with anything and suit almost any occasion. But as a result, you might be neglecting an equally as fashionable and versatile shade from the opposite end of the spectrum. If you’ve been battling with whether or not to try wearing white, it’s time to surrender!

I was on holiday in Queensland and looking for someone who epitomized the sunny state’s beachside fashion sense when I spotted this Fashionista. She was walking along Hastings Street, one of the most well-known shopping areas in the Sunshine Coast and her outfit was like a white light. It caught my attention straightaway and I knew I had to capture her beach-chic look on camera.

That’s the great thing with white clothes; they catch the light! Plus it’s a fabulous shade to wear during the warmer weather because under the sun, white reflects heat rather than attracts it. And like black, it’s a shade that compliments any colour worn with it. For example, how cute does this Fashionista’s pair of mustard yellow leather shorts look peeking out from under her white knit? The answer: super cute!

Speaking of that knit, choosing one with tiny cutouts like this one is perfect for showing off a colourful bathing suit and keeping you cool under the sun. I love the little pompoms on this Fashionista’s. Tiny pompoms are a big trend for summer, being seen on anything from backpacks to fringing on shorts. I asked her where she got her jumper from and she told me with a smile that she borrowed it from her mum; it makes sense that a Fashionista like her would have such a stylish lady for a mother!

To finish off the look, I love that she went all out and wore her white knit with that gorgeous pair of white leather cutout boots. Normally you see this kind of boot in black, so it was definitely a refreshing take on the style.

For Fashionistas who are contemplating a head-to-toe white outfit but are anxious about looking like a bride, don’t worry. It’s easier than you think to make this trend work for you. Try a short suit for a fun daytime look, or for a more subdued yet still stylish look, wear an all-white statement piece, such as a fun LWD with cutouts. So Fashionistas, no more excuses, it’s time to give up the fight and wear white!


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