It’s no secret that the white on white look is in this summer. Plenty of girls you pass on the street are sporting the lightest shade of denim with breezy, ivory tops and wedges or structured, asymmetrical skirts with dainty camisoles. But there’s something high-toned about the aforementioned getups that’s missing when you take a gander at this Fashionista’s ensemble–and that’s why I love it.

From the way she’s knotted her vintage T-shirt to her gold jewelry that lays as if it’s never taken off, there’s an air of nonchalance about this outfit and it’s impossible not to take note. Suddenly, we become blasé about the idea that all white everything must be structured and chic. Why not grab a vintage shirt, revel in its wrinkles and go the casual route with a pair of high tops?

While neutral shades are often reserved for modest work attire, this Fashionista proves that they can be taken to the streets to help you pull off a rugged, downtown vibe. So, what’s the secret? Well, you’ve already got denim shorts, Converse and accessory staples like a great pair of shades and a matching satchel.

What you really need is the right tee. It’s got to be live-in soft, it’s got to come off as any old thing you plucked from the floor of your closet and it should be big enough to tie up–loose, not fitted. The print or graphic should be eye-catching, but perhaps a bit ambiguous so that it doesn’t become a focal point.

I’m obsessed with Markus Lupfer’s collage cat design, but if you want a feline number that’s more simple, shop Opening Ceremony. 10 Corso Como knows the power of a puppy and the illustration on this Marni number is perfectly abstract. Of course, you could always head to Marc Jacobs and stock up on more wearable art because, like most city-dwellers, you’ve probably already got a growing collection. Whichever you choose, you’ll be shedding light on a whole new way to wear white and you can be sure heads will turn.

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