As summer rolls in, so does one of the most favorable fashion garments of the year, sundresses. Sundresses make for one of the easiest, cutest and most comfortable ensembles to wear on a hot, sunny day. However, since it just a single article of clothing, sometimes the resulting outfit can be lacking a “wow” factor.

This Fashionista veered towards a more sophisticated look by choosing a patterned black and cream dress. The dress itself already has a busy pattern, so she did not need to add much. Instead of pouring on the accessories, she chose to pull her outfit together with a leopard print wedge.

Mixing patterns can sometimes be a little scary, but this Fashionista definitely made it work. The shoe compliments the pattern in her dress by bringing out the black and letting the rest fade out. Even though leopard print was certainly a bold choice, it does not detract from her dress.

The wedge is the perfect summer shoe. It’s dressier than a sandal, but not quite as fancy as a heel. It is also infinitely easier to walk in, unlike the six-inch monsters that nobody, except Kim Kardashian, wants to suffer in all day long.

Wedges can be worn with almost anything: shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. A pattern wedge like these are perfect for any day and adds a fun taste to your outfit. To achieve this Fashionista’s style, these striped wedges from Topshop make a perfect combo with a patterned dress. A simple wedge is a necessary component of every Fashionista’s wardrobe!

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