STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Welcome To The Grunge Show

When it comes to serious grunge, the look requires a little more than shredded shorts or an all-black frock and moto boots. As this Fashionista makes plain to see, you’ve got to have the right attitude. From her stringy, wet hair to her sneaker booties, she’s got an intense air about her that you probably don’t want to mess with–but it’s also pretty seductive. So seductive, in fact, that it’s quite tempting to emulate.

As every girl knows, clothing has the power to transform you. So, if your goal is to give off extreme edge, you better have the right duds. While I love the way this Fashionista’s rocking a preppy, white button-up with a tie-sash, it’s her sheer overlay that really packs a punch. The other details, like her denim cut-offs and ambiguous tote bag, are simply casual quirks.

But a rugged, mesh tunic like this burnt orange one speaks volumes. Plus, it’s hard not to admire the fact that she’s going for it in the middle of summer. While grunge usually means layers of rips and holes, this Fashionista keeps it to a minimum. Her tops are light and airy, which juxtaposes nicely with the harder, offbeat style she’s going for.

The good news is there are plenty of options to get you where she’s at–even on a hot, muggy day. Charlotte Tarantola has a totally destructed sweater vest, while Marques’Almeida’s frayed denim makes for the perfect halter. Alexander Wang goes for, unsurprisingly, an asymmetrical silhouette and Tassel Ying’s open back is totally unique. If you want something that’s sheer and form fitting, shop Anna Sui. For your average so-soft-it-ripped T-shirt, IRO’s got you covered. But those stick straight, just-showered locks? That’s up to you.

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