When it comes to wearing white bottoms, a lot of dilemmas get in the way. Can I wear white after Labor Day? Is an all white outfit a fashion “don’t”? Does white really match everything? In my fashion rulebook, the chapter on wearing white is completely blank. There are no rules. Stop fretting about those white pants you bought two months ago and actually wear them! You can do so much with white and this week’s style advice is about one way to rock the white.

When I saw this Fashionista I couldn’t help but think “You Better Werk.” Too many times have I seen white shorts done wrong and I was glad to see a risk taken and executed properly.

First off, I adore the cut-off shorts. Cut-offs are one of the most popular summer essentials of 2013. You can find them everywhere, most likely paired with an itty-bitty crop top. Although many stores pushed cut-offs for as much as 45 dollars a pop, these babies flew off the shelves anyway. But as Fashionistas/os become more frugle, more and more thrifted jeans from the ’90s are being transformed to the modern wonder we all know today. Even more, blue denim cut-offs are in abundance. Blue jeans shorts are fundamental, but these ivory hot pants are breaking the mold. White is like a clean base, ready to take on anything you throw at it and therefore is the perfect hue for shorts and pants.

Black and white together is a well-known classic. They complement one another and a Fashionista can never go wrong with this combo. What I love about this black top is the peter pan lace collar. The white collar is a model companion for the white shorts and exudes an air of class. Along with the simple black and white color scheme, this outfit is textbook chic.

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