Wearing white is a summer must. It reflects the heat from the sun instead of absorbing it and keeps you looking calm, cool and collected. Our Fashionista captures it here, doesn’t she?!

There is no denying that this Fashionista is “white hot” in her all white, lacy frock. Her vintage inspired ensemble is quite the eye catcher in this hot weather, leaving the rest of us envious of her cool look and her trendy style.

One way you could capture this look is to incorporate your vintage accessories with a lacy and white dress or skirt. Accessories could include cute booties— to give you a tougher look, or sandals that bring out your lady-like side.

This Fashionista pairs her dress with a unique purse as well, but you could use any sort of bag to tie this look together. You could even alter the look with your choice of bag: a fringed cross-body for a bohemian twist, a bright or neon bag for a modern look or a big classic bag with a hat for a Hamptons look.

Just like our Fashionista here, keep your jewelry simple and elegant to blend in with your white lace. Lace is often an embellishment in itself and rarely needs statement jewelry to make it noticeable. White however can be enhanced by the gold or silver that it is paired with so use your discretion when choosing your jewelry.

White lace captures the romantic side of a look since we often associate white with weddings. Some white dresses can bring out our romantic side without making us look too bridal, like this maxi here.

Although there are “rules” to wearing white, I believe that white pieces in your wardrobe add a romantic effect. They remind me of innocence and running through fields or picnicking by the water. Wearing white keeps you cool in the summer heat and keeps your style tied together so you too could look as cool as this Fashionista.


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