From Calvin Klein to Acne, one color swept the spring 2013 runways. New York City witnessed a white out, and for once, it had nothing to do with snow. From onesies to skirt suits, white was everyone’s favorite hue. Why not? Wearing bright colors frequently complements tan summer skin and is a simple and chic way to stand out.

This Fashionista dons an easy, white eyelet dress that she accessorizes with nude accents. She keeps the details understated and opts for a minimalist ensemble that perfectly fits with the all white trend. Her dress demands all of the attention. Nothing about the outfit is overbearing, but it exudes an effortless elegance that this clean color is known for. While wearing only one shade of anything can be overbearing, the eyelet pattern adds a softness and femininity to the bright tone.

While a dress is a great option, try a mixed white outfit as well. This Madewell eyelet mini is adorable and versatile for the summer. Pair it with a trendy draped blouse to change up the pattern while maintaining the effect of wearing all white. The ensemble works the trend while keeping it simple and wearable. Accessorize with minimalist sandals and be sure not to get into any messy situations. Keep some on-the-go detergent ready in case of spills because you want to keep your whites their brightest.

This trend is effortless and tasteful yet maintains and edge. Wearing all of one color is always a risk, but in this case, it definitely pays off. There is something perfect about the little white dress that has kept it around, and this summer it can take your look to a whole new level.

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