Being a Fashionista in college really teaches you a lot about being practical with fashion. First of all, we are all on a budget, so we learn to find the best bargains. Second, we learn how to transition outfits from one event to another. Whether it be from class to a night out with friends, work to class or group meetings to coffee dates, Fashionistas/os have being stylish while on the go down to a T.

I noticed this Fashionista as I was waiting to go into an afternoon art history lecture. She too had an interest in Pop Art and was coming straight from her work at a campus art gallery to attend the lecture. What I love about her look is that she made business wear look chic and comfortable, a combination that fits perfectly into the life of a Fashionista.

Instead of throwing on a classic suit, this Fashionista threw together her own blazer/trouser combination in a way that reminded us all that it is finally spring on campus. Her chambray blazer is a piece that I believe everyone should have in their closet. The denim material is classic and the weight of the jacket is perfect for spring. Her wide-leg trouser pants are also a great piece for those on the hunt for a fun pair of pants. The light material and striped denim look make these pants the perfect piece to dress up for spring. With a pair of nude flats, a simple T-shirt underneath, a pop-of-color belt, funky arm party full of bracelets and of the moment mirrored sunglasses, her look is the ideal uniform for any working Fashionista.

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