The first thing that pops into mind when I think of headbands is “pain.” I think we can all agree that the headbands we used to wear were too hard and hurt our heads after two minutes of having one on. This year, my mind has changed about headbands as I have begun to see more and more girls wearing them. But more specifically, I have seen them wearing turban head wraps. It is definitely a more comfortable and stylish accessory for your hair than the old metal headbands that we are all afraid of.

Turban head wraps have become one of my favorite accessories this summer. What I love about them is that they can change the entire style of an outfit. These headbands are so versatile and can be worn with any type of garment. They can also be found in every color and print imaginable.

This Fashionista stuck to the basics. She wore a solid royal blue tank top and a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. She added a skinny brown belt, embellished sandals and a bright orange satchel to top it all off. This Fashionista turned a basic outfit into one with character by simply adding a patterned head wrap. She did a fabulous job matching all of the colors from her hair accessory with each piece in the her look (especially with the orange satchel).

A basic outfit paired with a turban style headband is perfect for class. If you want to change it up for an evening event, such as an outdoor concert or a party with friends, a maxi dress works wonderfully with the headband and will give you a bohemian look. This hair accessory can also spice up your normal white swimsuit this summer. Just add a multicolored head wrap and a couple pieces of arm candy!

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