STYLE ADVICE: Oversize and Unique

Oversize clothing has become a trend that both men and women have indulged themselves in. From oversize T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets, to culottes and vintage jeans. This Fashionista, with her distinct sense of  style and detail, has made this current trend her signature look of choice. The outfit suits her well with the pieces that she put together for her overall ensemble. This look has a lot of cool and unique pieces that are both functional and fashionable.

Chambray is the main theme of this particular outfit, and the Fashionista also incorporated a blue cross-body bag and blue embellished accessories and jewelry. Chambray has become a favored and popular trend in the spring paired with different denim pieces. The details of the oversize ensemble are very simple, yet very distinguished. This Fashionista is wearing a stripped chambray off-the-shoulder top. She has paired this top with some oversize denim cut-off culottes. She then added white wrap-around platform sneakers and white fishnets to add to the white and blue color scheme that is shown. Platform sneakers and sandals are also a trend that many Fashionistas have added to their wardrobe for the spring and upcoming summer months.

This oversize outfit is perfect inspiration to wear for the spring weather that has come this month and is a great trend to incorporate into your everyday style. Oversize clothing can be very breezy and cooling on the warmer days of the season. Also, many designers and celebrities have made this trend a part of their fashion lines and looks of the day, like Kylie and Kim on their casual days out. My style advice for this season is to definitely add platforms, chambray, and oversize and off-the-shoulder pieces to your wardrobe.

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