STYLE ADVICE: School Essentials

For most students, it is difficult balancing classes and fashion but this Fashionisto has mastered studying in style. Accessorizing in school supplies is the best way to be prepped for class and look on trend. At Illinois State University, transportation is essential and nothing is better than a penny board. They are small and fast enough to get to classes on time. As a bonus, the bright yellow wheels look superb! The time in between classes can be long and boring, so filling up those moments with some tunes is well worth it. Wearing a pair of headphones will help a college students day go faster and smoother.

While spring is just around the corner, so is the sunshine. Block out the haters and the UV rays with stylish tortoiseshell/green club master fitted sunglasses, worn by this Fashionisto. Keep them on hand to look chill and have some protection against the sun. Slip on some versatile Vans that are perfect for all seasonal occasions. He is wearing Vans primary mono authentic shoes in frost gray silver. Vans are classic and affordable for students and will always be on trend. The cool guy look is complete with a matching gray beanie hat and a basic pair of neutral skinny jeans.

The statement piece of this look is an armadillo crewneck sweatshirt originally from H&M. Unfortunately, this product is no longer in stock, but a very similar Dinosaur Print Loose Grey Sweatshirt is available at ROMWE. Graphic Prints on a crewneck sweatshirt is perfect especially ones with a southwestern vibe. This spring’s trend is southwestern flair, which is popular both for men and women. The zigzagging patterns and tribal inspired ensembles are going to be everywhere this season no matter the occasion. This style can be rocked on skater guys, school campus, and the runways.

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Jessi Simpson

I am a Sophomore at Illinois State University studying Studio Arts at the College of Fine and Applied Arts. My style is bold, fresh and urban. I enjoy fashion forward street-wear as well as contemporary grunge clothing.

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