STYLE ADVICE: The Semester is Over

Aren’t we all happy that the semester is finally almost over? Although the semester is very close to being over and many students have left the campus to start their summer journey,  I was lucky enough to find an international student on my campus who is currently involved in our exchange program. I am very glad I was able to do that because I really enjoy seeing how different cultures interpret fashion and create styles. I wanted to make sure I was able to create a post so that everyone can learn a new way of putting certain clothing pieces together, as well as allowing readers to see some new pieces and styles they have maybe never seen before.

This look was one of my favorite looks seen on campus that day. This Fashionista decided to go with a business-casual look. My personal favorite part of the look was the shoes. Unfortunately, those shoes can only be found in China, but I am pretty sure H&M has something similar. For the top, she went with a light blue button-down shirt that was tucked into a black pair of flowy cropped trousers. To piece her top and bottoms together, she decided to go with a simple brown belt that went around her waist.

To add the outfit together, she wore a black small crossbody bag. This look was a very good pick for a windy, spring day. It allows her to feel the nice spring breeze but still be able to stay warm. I look forward to finding many more Fashionistas during the summer.

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