STYLE ADVICE: Statement Of Simplicity

If any of you are familiar with Cincinnati, you’re already clued in on its bipolar weather, giving us freezing temperatures one day, and almost being able to wear shorts the next. This Fashionista found a way around the unpredictable changes and decided to mix a couple seasons into one adorably simple outfit. On her way into a tattoo shop, she draws attention to her outfit without overcrowding her body of unnecessary accessories and layers.

Sweater and T-shirt dresses, or just baggier, more casual dresses in general, have made their way to the top of a girl’s wardrobe essentials. Not only is it super quick and easy to throw on, but it makes even the simplest outfits pop. Sweater dresses can be worn during any season really, tights being an option if it’s a bit colder. She paired her dress with a long denim jacket, adding some spunk while keeping her warm. Knee-high boots are a staple for any outfit, they can take it from dull and quiet, and give the look character. She kept it light on the accessories, again enforcing simplicity as a statement. With a watch that matched the color of her boots, and a gold necklace to brighten up the otherwise pastel vibe. Just like the inconsistency of the temperatures, the sun tends to keep up the mysterious weather patterns and peak in and out throughout the day, so she made sure to have a pair of sunglasses handy, just in case.

I’ve always kept in mind that less is more, and my mom made sure that concept was drilled into my head when I was a seventh grader unknowingly caking on make up, but who wasn’t at that age? This Fashionista has grasped this and carried it out in an outfit that isn’t in your face, but catches your eye. More times than not, keeping it to a minimum goes a longer way than throwing on a bunch of random items, just to make your look seem more intricate. Keeping it simple and adding a couple prominent pieces ensures that the outfit won’t be too much for the eye and also maintains a unique and fun look!

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