STYLE ADVICE: Statement Sleeves

Fashionista/os are always looking for ways to spice up their looks, and the statement sleeve is the ideal way to do so. Whether your sleeves are flared out, ruffled, or fringed, it can take any look to the next level. Trends are always coming and going but the statement sleeve is here to stay, so you better make some room in your closet! The real hype about these exaggerated sleeves is that they are without a doubt the best way to look like a trendsetter.

A statement sleeve can easily dress up or dress down any look depending on the material, texture, and style of the top. This Fashionista is wearing a faux leather, bell sleeve top that she pairs with casual, light wash boyfriend jeans. Even though her jeans are casual, the statement sleeve instantly adds drama to the look. It is important to remember that the rest of your outfit should be toned down a bit so you can let the top and sleeves do all the talking.

I also recommend wearing more solid neutral colors with a statement sleeve because you never want to overpower a look. However, adding pops of colors through accessorizing is a great way to incorporate fun colors to your outfit. This Fashionista plays up her look with a bright red clutch for a flirty touch. To elevate her look even more, she wears an Alexander McQueen scarf and ankle strap heels. Statement sleeves are having a serious moment within the fashion industry, and I highly encourage you all to add some to your wardrobe!

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