STYLE ADVICE: Versatility is the Key

Mix metals! If you cannot decide between silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, etc, just add them all. This is no faux pas, as you can see with this Fashionista. She has a mix of silver and gold between the zippers, choker, and Rebecca Minkoff bag. The metals make for a contrasting aspect between their color palettes and the opposite texture of the velvet jacket. There is also no such thing as wearing too much black. A lot of our closets nowadays are black, black, black, gray, and more black. But no fear, that does not entail a boring aesthetic.

Although this look does have a dark color palette, the differing black tones end up completing the look. The cotton dress with detailed stripe is a much lighter shade than the shimmering velvet naturally laying jacket. This ensemble then contrasts against the sheer tights.You can also try adding sheer tights with a little detailing. These sheer tights for Saks have fun polka dots added.

Versatility is key as you can easily interchange items to go from one time of day to another, or one event to another. Taking this look from a casual encounter to a more sophisticated venue would entail switching out the cotton lace-up tie dress with a more strappy, or off-the-shoulder dress. As for the shoes, this is the area of each and every outfit that confidence should beam from! From a bootie to a wedge or a heel, your shoes are where you can show your personal style easily, and a versatile spot to show some color. Immediately my eyes were drawn to this Fashionista’s velvet boots, as they were such a unique shade. Who What Wear has a fabulous assortment of boots online. It kills that half of them would consist of at least 10 paychecks. But hey, a Fashionista can always dream up some inspiration right? Some great boots to add to your current collection include silver, python, and suede.

Advice from this Fashionista would be to pick clothing items that are very versatile. When you are building your wardrobe, you then can style these pieces multiple ways and create many different outfits. This gives the illusion that you have a larger wardrobe than you might have in reality. It’s a great way to use all of the clothes in your closet! Because we all know that we buy way too many things and end up wearing them only once.

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