STYLE GURU BIO: Alinnette Hernandez

One year ago, I began writing for CollegeFashionista and I’ve not only flourished my personal admiration for fashion, but I have seen how it positively affects others. Even in the smallest way, our clothing speaks more than we do at times, often revealing our innermost thoughts and emotions that we do not express firsthand. For many, clothing is about comfort — going to and from work, class, grocery shopping, everyday life activities. In reality, it’s so much more. We are raised with an idea of how our parents want us to be and as we mature,  we venture out into things that make us feel “me-ish” and personal. For me, it was fashion.

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact moment when I truly showed my first interest in the world of fashion and its evolving properties but like most Fashionistas, it’d have to be somewhere in my early childhood where getting dressed was my favorite part of the day. I did my own hair, picked my own outfits — there was just something so thrilling about making different combinations of clothing and leaving my house triumphantly in a work of art (AKA mixed and matched twinsets, frilly socks and colored sunglasses to offset my lipstick). Between that and my grandmother showering me with custom-made dresses, I’d have to say it was a done deal that I’d be so obsessed with fashion in the future.

Since then, my style has been filtered through my slightly reserved yet spontaneous personality. Although I’m a Florida girl (only geographically), I’ve somehow attained a love for everything long sleeved, silky, intricate and with form emphasis, perhaps one of the main reasons I’m attracted to ’40s and ’60s fashion. I can spend hours rummaging through antique stores and equally visiting botanical gardens — my favorite thing to do — for inspiration. This semester, I’m excited as ever to bring you a taste of UCF fashion through my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column. With summer coming to an end, fall fashion is finally here. The most exciting fashion transition is underway and I’m ready to share it.

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