To all my Fashionistas/os ready to hear about the latest trends from your favorite fashion website, I am glad you’re reading and anxious to hear about the best styles walking across James Madison’s campus for the second half of the year! I am so glad to be back for a second round at CollegeFashionista. Last fall semester I was writing about the Fashionista/o of the week. This semester, I am excited to be writing about only the hottest trends at James Madison’s campus on Fridays for the ACCESSORIES REPORT. I know as JMU Dukes we are royalty and only wear the best, so I know this semester I’ll find really good trends to report about for the rest of the Fashionista community.

For those of you who are first time readers and don’t know much about me, I am a second semester senior studying Media Art and Design at James Madison with a concentration in Corporate Communications. For me, the coolest job would to be a graphic designer for a fashion magazine. I have always been big on fashion as I feel it is the best way to express myself besides making graphics. To say the least, I love fashion. From Louis Vuitton handbags to the best deals on designer gloves in Marshalls I really do love it all. As I look back on my sense of fashion from my awkward pre-teen years, I have truly come a long way. I was that very dorky, yet loveable child that had thick black rimmed glasses, bangs that covered my almond shaped eyes, some type of crazy patterned sweater or wearing bulky shoes that made my feet look ten times bigger than what they really were. Back then, I was in love with fanny packs and my favorite accessory was a visor to cover my face from the sun. All though I look back on these pictures and am amazed of how my Mom let me walk out looking like Steve Urkel’s second cousin, I have to admire and appreciate my Mom for letting me do the only thing I knew how to do best, express myself.

I learned quickly that my Mom wanted me to feel the happiest when I knew I had the freedom of expressing my identity from whatever was clean in my closet that day. So I guess you can say from a young age I’ve been a big advocate for expressing one’s style. To me, fashion is all about telling the story of who you are or how you feel that day. For those of you who have a hard time figuring out exactly how to express yourself on those days you feel as though you’re repeating yourself, I hope I can be of some help this semester on breaking that cycle.

I look forward to running into Fashionistas and telling all your stories to the rest of us looking to find inspiration on how to incorporate something old with a pinch of new.

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