STYLE GURU BIO: Irysh Concepcion

Guess what? Today is a good day to be bold and be rare, because no one can duplicate the spunk in your step!

My name is Irysh Concepcion, and my current home is a little college town Pullman, which is located in “the middle of nowhere,” Washington. For those of you who have never heard about this tiny dot on the map, I can describe it using four words: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Now, if you’ve guessed correctly, I mentioned all four seasons because living in Pullman means that you should be prepared for an unexpected snowfall in June, and understand the norm of putting on two jackets over a crop-top before leaving the front door in order to survive your morning commute to campus, only to shed at least one layer of clothing by noon.

I am a junior at Washington State University majoring in journalism and media production, and minoring in film studies. I have plans to pursue a career as an anchor for entertainment news. I hope to roam the red carpet with a mic in my hand, scoping in on the latest fashion trends and celebrity whereabouts.

In regards to my spiel about my college town being a wonder of weather, Pullman stands out to me because having grown up on the opposite side of Washington State, the only climate I would always dress for was rainfall! Here in Pullman, I’m free to experiment a wider variety of looks, and rock my signature look consisting of a cropped top, choker and purple-gray pout.

By the end of my undergraduate career, I will have become an expert of dressing to accommodate to all four seasons in one day. More importantly, by the end of my undergraduate career, I will continue striving to stand out as the woman who glistens within the sea of many other ambitious individuals in pursuit of awesome careers! If making every ground I walk my catwalk, the changing colors of the sky my backdrop, and keep the words of inspiration from my loved ones and mentors as the theme song of my life is what it takes to give me that first push into standing out, I will.

As a new member of the Guru Gang, I am ready to glide through spring 2017! I have prospects to amp up my wardrobe by taking inspiration from Fashionistas I will meet along the way, and ultimately, discover my voice as a journalist. I find importance in grabbing any opportunity that allows being able to incorporate personal interests into professional practices.

No look is complete without the garnish of a smile! When you love what you wear, what you wear loves you back by paying you with confidence in the form of a body that is uniquely and beautifully shaped.

Featured in my outfit is my mother’s jean skirt from the ’90s. It’s a little something I had recently spotted resting in her closet! Incorporating throwback pieces is a definite way to be noticed on a regular day!


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