STYLE GURU BIO: Margaret Viator

My name is Margaret Viator and I am a junior at Georgetown University, majoring in Government and minoring in Journalism. This summer, I am new to the CollegeFashionista team and I am extremely excited to immerse myself in all of the facets of being a Style Guru.

There was once a time when I dreaded going to the mall. Today, I wish that was my problem because I simply can’t seem to stay away. Admittedly, one of my favorite parts of the day is standing in front of my closet, puzzled over what I am going to wear. My roommate and I seem to constantly have the same conversation: I typically gasp and throw my hands in the air because I am sick of all of my clothes, she says the same about hers and then both of us manage to throw something together at the last minute. This is what I love about fashion, that it isn’t just a way to dress your body but a way to dress who you are.

I am thrilled to be writing for the CollegeFashionista team this summer. At Georgetown, I have written for the student newspaper and other publications, but I look forward to embracing fashion as my sole focus. This summer I will be writing, capturing and cataloguing great fashion sense that I find on the streets of my hometown New Orleans. When I am not tracking down fashionable New Orleanians, I will be exercising my government and writing muscles by interning at a local think tank and gearing up to study abroad in the fall.

On almost any day of the week, you can typically find me in something that is cheetah print, leather or glittery. My friends like to make fun of me because I own too much of each, but I always find myself gravitating towards them stylistically. My goal for the summer is to embrace new styles, while keeping the old and hopefully not spending all of my money online shopping.

Like all the fashion obsessed, I smile every time I come across an Olivia Palermo outfit I have never seen before, or when someone asks me where I got that dress that I found after hours of scouring the racks at Forever 21. For us Fashionistas, these little moments are the ones that count and I am looking forward to sharing them all with you!

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