The sun is finally coming out of hiding here in San Diego presenting the opportunity to dust off my spring clothes and get them ready for the days of sunshine. My style differs throughout the year but really thrives in times of warm weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall and winter trends but I’m ready for spring and summer weather style to show the readers of CollegeFashionista just what makes fashion so exciting and exquisite to me.

One of my favorite things to wear as warm and pleasant weather sneaks up are high waisted skirts. High waisted skirts are perfect for a trip to the farmers market, a stroll around downtown, a chic school day outfit, or even a go to when running errands. They are not only fit for these sunny days with a cute crop top but also perfect for chillier days when you can pair it with a long sleeve as you wait in longing for spring. Shopping is not always the easiest escapade as a college student due to the fact that it involves money which is a pretty nonexistent resource when attending a four year college. However, when purchasing the tops for this outfit, you can wear them separately as well with a pair of jeans or shorts. In reality, you are adding to all different aspects of your closet while still keeping up with the latest looks.So now let’s talk about how to accessorize your new found dream days of high waisted skirts.

I prefer my jewelry to be very plain and cohesive. My latest go to are teardrop earrings that diversify my look from shoulder up. This is another accessory that can dress up any last minute T-shirt and jeans outfit. Also, anytime I go out I usually bring a crossbody purse with me. I like pieces that are small but large enough to hold my phone and wallet. As a result, I don’t have to haul around a large purse when I am on the go and there is more attention on my skirt and shoes than what I am holding.

I have recently developed a new shoe obsession that I cannot wait to share with my fellow Fashionistas; clogs. I’m truly in love with these kinds of shoes. They are very rustic looking and add a vintage feel to any ensemble. My personal choice is to match my favorite high waisted skirt with a pair of clogs. This adds to the overall dress that makes it more chic. However, I also adore clogs with a pair of jeans; preferably flare or skinny and their ability to make a casual outfit look spunky. Look out for these shoes as they are making their way into and up in the world of fashion.

These are just a few of my favorite fashion pieces and I can’t wait to share more with you as we dive into a new season of renewal and growth, especially when it comes to our wardrobe.

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