STYLE GURU STYLE: All in the Accents

My personal style changes every other day, if I’m being honest. Sometimes I follow the current trends, and other times I stick by my favorite basics. I really enjoy shopping and finding interesting pieces to intertwine with the rest of my closet. I love taking a simple outfit and adding one element that becomes the center of attention.

My style has evolved immensely since my younger years. I used to hate the idea of wearing leggings as pants (before it was as popular as it is now), and I also wore a uniform for the majority of my school days growing up. Through this, I grew accustomed to spicing up dull, simple clothing and have since added these elements into my current style.

I’ve always loved stacking necklaces and rings to create a cool look while still on the simple side. This aspect of my style emerged when I searched for ways to make my school uniform a little different than everyone else’s.

I love taking this sweater and wearing it off the shoulder with a cute little lace bralette. My favorite pair of shoes at the moment are these studded, beaded sneakers. They add a little twist to an otherwise simple outfit, which I adore. I’m also a proud supporter of boyfriend jeans (as exhibited in this outfit). Because of the simplicity of the outfit, I layered a lot of jewelry and pulled my hair up into a messy bun to add some extra points of interest. I love classic handbags, like this Kate Spade shoulder bag, which is on constant rotation whenever I need it.

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