I have to confess that I originally not fall in love with the brocade invasion of fall 2012. However, something changed recently to make me love Gucci’s take on the brocade trend from their fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. Even though I love the intricate work on brocades, when I choose my clothes I opt for more minimalist style. I love simple silhouettes and combinations of classic and modern elements. By combining the delicacy of brocade with austerity of the menswear suit, Gucci give us a surprising collection full of personality and confidence.

I chose a more subtle brocade pattern when trying to copy this look. I wanted to incorporate the trend into a classic clothing staple. I turned to my favorite clothing item, the blazer. A blazer can be a sophisticated, sober and tomboy-ish piece, which makes it the perfect statement piece if you do not fear being edgy. When I saw this blazer and its beautiful brocade detailing, I knew that it was the perfect way for me to apply the trend to my personality. For a more casual look, I toned down the blazer with my favorite Jimmy Hendrix oversized T-shirt and black and red Converse. The ring I wore features beautiful and intricate work, just like the brocade pattern does. It also offers a reference for one famous Hendrix song “Foxy Lady.”

I am an intern at an advertising agency full of open-minded colleagues. If your internship is not restrictive about clothes, you can go from campus to the office with an outfit similar to mine. It looks professional, yet modern. The suit makes you to look more mature and professional, while the brocade pattern turns a boring piece into a statement full of personality. All you have to do is just give your personal touch to make your outfit shine.

Get My Look: 1. Black brocade suit. 2. High-top Converse. 3.Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt.

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