STYLE GURU STYLE: Cuisine Couture

Before you rule out the Moschino fall 2014 ready-to-wear fashion and food fusion, gather ‘round for Style Guru story time. Italian designer Franco Moschino set stage for satirical style that jabbed, rather than poked, fun at the industry which he contributed to. Using each garment as a propaganda placard, Moschino’s mission was to question, rather than follow, the fashion industry. Embroidered embellishments like “Waist of Money” replaced belts, and Prada handbags were exchanged for pasta purses. Today, 10 years since Moschino’s death, Jeremy Scott stayed true to tradition with his fast food fashion display. Scott’s showcase was a panorama of all-American, junk garb that featured a Popeye’s poncho, Budweiser ball gown and even a happy meal handbag.

My hungry heart immediately fell for the entire Moschino brand after browsing the collection. Choosing between my donut-decorated leggings, a Chinese food takeout T-shirt and my greasy, graphic cut-off tank top turned into a daylong debate. In the end, I chose the fries and burgers mostly because Scott’s “McMockery” reserved the collection’s first 10 looks. Although I couldn’t find any cow-printed pieces, I did pair the tank top with all-American denim shorts. I also incorporated a bold red lip, new Nikes and a bright bandeau to for the sake of cohesiveness.

Like I mentioned, this ready-to-wear collection had me at first fashionable fry. And, after doing some runway research, I found that Moschino goes far beyond cuisine couture and into a decorative demonstration of a cultural cause that’s often overlooked. If there’s anything to be learned from this collection it’s that we, as Fashionistas/os, have a duty to push runway restrictions into aesthetic avenues that we personally prefer.

Get My Look: 1. An actually tasteful top. 2. Some true blue denim shorts. 3. A pair of flashy Nikes.

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