STYLE GURU STYLE: Feeling Like Gucci

The weather has been warming up and it’s so nice to be able to bring an imagined or inspired look together without having to throw on a coat. This time around I have crafted a look together from inspiration that I received from none other than the latest Gucci collection, their fall 2017 ready-to-wear collection. Of course this timeless collection was filled with stylish and daring looks combining different patterns and layers to present some of the most unique looks. Gucci never lets me down in giving me the confidence to be able to pull off a mixture of different looks but also assists in making even the simplest looks give off an eye opening wow!

For this look, I have paired a classic red, green, and black checkered flannel with a chunky knit beige double zip up sweater along with black leather leggings and black knee high heel boots. The zippers on this sweater are so fun in which you can wear them zipped for a casual look or unzipped to add some fun and uniqueness to a fit. With all of this sun and on such a nice day like this one, of course I couldn’t leave behind my cheetah print brown-tinted sunglasses. I decided my accent color for this look would be red to bring out my layered flannel so I chose to show off a red lip and bring along a red crossbody.

The most stylish, and also my favorite, piece in this outfit would have to be my double zippered sweater.This sweater can take you from day to night by switching the leggings to a pencil skirt or denim skirt and a different pair of booties or high heels. When styling a look you can have the most basic pieces to formulate a certain style or look you’re hoping to achieve but then you also have that one addition that’s going to separate your look from the usual everyday look to take your outfit to that the extra mile. I encourage my Fashionista/os to find your favorite piece and rock it in multiple ways or find that extra wow to make your look, and you, too, can feel like Gucci.

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