The posts I’ve been writing have been very clear about my preferences and tendency towards clothes in black and sober colors. However, I surrendered this belief for the pale colors and nymph-like dresses I saw in the 2012 spring collection by¬†Vera Wang. I was not surprised when everyone I saw told me that the dress looked like a fairy dress. It was a statement for me to step away from my comfort zone.

I am not a super feminine girl with a closet full of dresses, but even I could not resist falling in love with the combination of soft cloth and mint. I wore chiffon and simple mint sandals to copy the Vera Wang look. The messenger bag gives my look a more vintage and delicate feel.

Another thing I noticed when bringing the outfit together was how gold and brown colors stand out when paired with mint. This is also out of my comfort zone, as I am not a gold person. I usually wear silver accessories. Fortunately, I had this double ring with a tiny fork which has a vintage touch. It went perfectly with the look.

Everything about this outfit yells comfort for me. Wearing these pieces makes my day softer and perfect for the warm summer here in Rio de Janeiro. If you are like me and not a bright color person, try out pale colors such as mint and lilac. I am quite sure you will love the fresh feel the colors bring.

Get My Look: 1. Mint green chiffon dress. 2. Mint green sandals. 3. Brown messenger bag.

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