STYLE GURU STYLE: Happily Hyperborean

Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier designed, dubbed and delivered “Hail Hyperborea,” a Greek-inspired spring ready-to-wear collection. The foremen Fashionistos of Creatures of the Wind illustrated the mythological paradise through a chromatically cheerful caboodle, modernizing metallic accents and fancy-free floral embellishments. With dominating hues like mustard yellow, powder blue and don’t-make-me-blush pink, this spring collection reminded me of a serene sunset on sandy shores with an umbrella-topped cocktail. Silver and gold worked in very different design directions that created an interesting juxtaposition. Gold pieces illustratively invited a sense of sun and wardrobe warmth. Meanwhile, bringing Fashionistas back from Hyperborea to the 21st century, silver skirts and shorts modernized the mythological motif with an industrial infusion. Lastly, some floral fix-ins romanticized rather than formalized the collection.

Combining the fifth look and ensemble number 17, I came up with an outfit that entirely encompassed the collection. Offering a stylish switch to the fifth look, I chose a bashful pink top and coral-meets-cranberry shorts. My shorts were also fabricated with a laced floral, which satisfied another Creatures of the Wind standard. Since I hadn’t yet been presented with an occasion to break in my gold and teal jacket, I practically panicked with excitement when I browsed to the collection’s 17th look. Next, I tangled my toes in some strappy sandals that had a golden glisten. Additionally, I used jewelry and cosmetics to connect the two looks. My gold and teal earrings matched my jacket to a tee while my bronze and navy blue eye makeup created a considerable yet cohesive contrast.

Modernizing mythology is no easy task, but Peters and Gabier proved to be true myth busters as they produced and propagated paradise in the fashion sphere. Thanks to the designing duo, the fashionable fable is taking any and all Fashionistas to a closet-sized paradise. All you need is a cheerful color or two, some shiny accents and a flower here or there – the rest is Hyperborean history.

Get My Look: 1. A pale pink top. 2. Coral and floral shorts. 3. Some gold and teal accents.

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